Bia Doria


Bia Doria is a Brazilian visual artist who lives and works in São Paulo. She is known for her sculptures made from sustainable materials, forest management waste, native trees rescued from fires, deforestation, river bottoms, and dams.



Her works are inspired by nature and often represent the shapes, reliefs, and movements of trees. 
Her sculptures are a reminder that nature is fragile and that we need to take care of it. They are also a celebration of the beauty and diversity of the natural world



Bia Doria's work is a reminder that art can be a powerful tool for raising environmental awareness. His sculptures are a beautiful and inspiring example of how we can use sustainable materials to create works of art that are meaningful and impactful.


Her works carry the richness of the Brazilian flora and symbolize a true dance between organic forms and residues of stories told in wood, marble, quartz, fiber and iron, bronze and Murano.


Bia found in art a way to reframe and preserve what was already practically dead. Her greatest joy is to give a new chance to materials that would be lost in areas that were burned or devastated, either by human interference or by environmental catastrophes.


She has won several important prizes in art history, participates in several exhibitions and his works are in the most important places in the world.